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Welcome to johnnyberba.com I’m at the stage now where I can consistently meet attractive women everyday on the street and get dates whenever I want. I can be completely comfortable and confident expressing myself when speaking and connecting with women. I want to show you how you can do the same, so check out the website and learn how to be naturally attractive with women.

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How To Attract Women Naturally!

How To Naturally Attract Women I want to start by first of all saying that no pick-up line alone can attract a woman, without the right energy behind the words. Most men think that they can trick a woman into bed by using some seduction method, and I was the same a long time ago....
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Picking Up Girls With Luggage (Part 1 )

Johnny Berba of (http://www.johnnyberba.com) Picking Up Girls With Luggage in Central London. In this video Johnny proves you can Attract Girls no matter what situation you are in as long as your having fun Girls are much more likely to want to talk with you. Most Men make excuses before they attempt to approach a...
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