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Hi, I am Johnny Berba, a dating and life coach in London - welcome to my websitel. I specialise in coaching men who suffer social anxiety and lack confidence with women. I have mentored hundreds of men on my programs and literally transformed not only their dating lifes but helped them develop confidence in all areas such as worklife, family or social relationships.

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How To Get Over A Breakup

Getting over a breakup is never an easy process. However as Johnny explained in the video you can take small practical steps to get yourself feeling good by socialising, setting new goals, having more fun dating, meeting more women and finding your life purpose. As painful as a breakup can be at the time, It...
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How To Get Over A Breakup!

Going through a breakup with a girl that you have been in LOVE with is tough no doubt. I have been through several breakups myself and some have reduced me to tears, losing a girl you really LOVE is NEVER going to be easy. However like the saying goes there are plenty more fish in...
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